Pennsylvania Poetry Society, Founded 1949
Pennsylvania Poetry Society


The purpose of the Pennsylvania Poetry Society is to secure fuller recognition for poetry,
to foster a better appreciation of it, and to assist Pennsylvania poets in their craft.

Founded in 1949, the Pennsylvania Poetry Society (PPS), Inc. is a non-profit organization of poets and aspiring poets that are involved in poetry at the local, state, and national levels.

At the local level, active chapters hold monthly meetings and workshops, sponsor poetry readings and contests as well as print anthologies of members' poems. Some members serve as contest judges and teach poetry in schools, colleges, retirement communities, and community programs.

At the state level, joining a state-wide organization gives poets an active role in promoting poetry beyond their local communities. Poets join our organization as either a member-at-large or a member of a local chapter. A new chapter can be formed by five or more PPS members who have a slate of officers and by-laws that are compatible with those of PPS. All chapter members must be members of PPS.

At the national level, all members of PPS are also members of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS). NFSPS describes itself as "An educational and literary organization dedicated to the writing and appreciation of poetry in America." Each year, a member-state organization hosts the NFSPS convention. This four day event is held in a different state each year and offers workshops as well as intellectual and creative commerce between members of state poetry societies.

Questions concerning membership may be addressed to Nancy Kline, PPS Membership Chair. Visit our membership page for additional information.