Pennsylvania Poetry Society - Membership Application

Steps: Open window fully. Complete form. Print form. Attach a check for the appropriate amount payable to PPS Inc.,marked "Dues" or "Patron." Mail this form and check to: Steven Concert, PPS Treasurer / 49 Kitchen Avenue / Harveys Lake, PA 18618

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Payment Type (select one)
Member - $20
Member + Patron* - $20 + $25 (min.)
Patron** - $25 (min.)
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PPS, Inc, accepts new members any time of the year. Please note that PPS does not pro-rate dues. All individuals must renew their membership each October. PPS observes a fiscal year of October 1st through September 30th. Optional - attach a resume of your accomplishments and goals in poetry.

* - Patrons are encouraged to give more than the minimum of $25.

    All Patrons are listed in the PPS annual PRIZE POEMS

** - Patrons are not members of PPS. They do not receive the privileges of membership. The financial support assists PPS in offering quality programming.

PPS, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, a portion of dues and Patron donations may qualify as tax deductions, check with your tax preparer.