Membership Information

Pennsylvania Poetry Society dues are $20.00 annually. A small portion of the dues goes to NFSPS for your NFSPS membership. Dues cover the fiscal year of October 1st through September 30th. PPS, Inc, accepts new members any time of the year. Please note that PPS does not pro-rate dues. All individuals must renew their membership each October at the start of the new fiscal year. Joining or renewing after November 30th makes the individual ineligible to enter the PPS and NFSPS contests at the reduced entry fee rates during that fiscal year.

Businesses, organizations, and individuals are encouraged to become a patron of the Pennsylvania Poetry Society for a minimum donation of $25.00. Patrons are listed in the PRIZE POEMS annual. A member of PPS who would also like to become a patron must donate a minimum of $25 which is in addition to their annual dues.

Benefits of membership in the Pennsylvania Poetry Society:   JOIN

1. Support of the arts.
2. Part of a team effort to move the art form forward.
3. Camaraderie - PPS meets twice a year.
4. Support of and support by fellow poets.
5. Membership in National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS), which only offers membership through its state organizations.
6. Receive the quarterly newsletter of PPS, The Sylvan.
7. Receive the digital journal of PPS, PennEssence.
8. Receive the quarterly newsletter of NFSPS, STROPHES.
9. Receive the annual PRIZE POEMS which contains the prize winning poems of our annual contests.
10. Publication opportunities in The Sylvan, PennEssence, and PPS anthologies (when published).
11. No additional cost to attend PPS sponsored workshops.
12. Reduced entry fees for PPS contests.
13. Additional contest categories in PPS contests that only members can submit.
14. Reduced entry fees for NFSPS contests - must join by Nov. 30th for this benefit.
15. Additional contest categories in NFSPS contests that only members can submit.
16. Can hold office in the Pennsylvania Poetry Society.
17. Can hold office in the National Federation of State Poetry Societies.

The Pennsylvania Poetry Society (PPS) has a Membership Committee. Committee members are available to answer any questions concerning joining our organization. New members to PPS receive a hand-written letter welcoming them to the organization, and membership benefits are explained. Additionally, the Membership Committee is available to the current membership.

Questions regarding membership in the Pennsylvania Poetry Society can be address to:

Nancy Kline, Membership Chair
1040 Dogwood Drive
P.O. Box 125
Cornwall, PA 17016
(717) 274 - 5527