National Federation Of State Poetry Societies, Inc

2017 Stevens Poetry Manuscript Competition

Awarding $1000 + Publication + 50 Books



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• Except for previous Stevens winners, open to all poets writing in English.

• The manuscript must be the original work by a single author.

• Include title page (title only), table of contents, and 48 to 70 pages of poetry, counting
any section title pages but not counting front matter. The page count includes “Notes on
Poems,” if any.

• Margins must be at least 1” on all sides.

• You may include previously published poems. The winner will be required to provide an
acknowledgment page if the manuscript includes previously published poems. Do NOT
include acknowledgments in your manuscript. Do not send blurbs.

• No author identification anywhere in manuscript; no biographical information that could
disclose your identity; do not include your name as part of the name of the file you attach

when submitting online.

• No illustrations.

• Number the pages in your manuscript, but do not embed headers or footers. Use simple
 numbering, nothing fancy.

• Format with one poem, one column per page. Poems may be continued on a second
page, but do not put two poems on the same page.

• Single space your manuscript. Use black print only (no colors). Use 12-point type in a
conventional font such as Times New Roman. If you write in long lines or complex  formats,
be aware that the winning book will be published in a 6" x 9" format.

• Simultaneous and multiple submissions permitted. Notify us immediately if your
manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

Submissions will be accepted only between AUGUST 1 and midnight PT,
NOVEMBER 15, 2017. The Submittable online system will be accessible only during this time,
and hard-copy submissions must be postmarked during this period. No early or late submissions.

ENTRY FEE & PAYMENTS: The submission fee is $20 for NFSPS members, $25 for
nonmembers. Members of state poetry societies affiliated with NFSPS are members.

For online submissions, pay at with a credit card or PayPal.

• For mailed paper submissions, place your check, made out to NFSPS, on top of the

• Manuscripts which do not follow the rules may be disqualified, but fees will not be

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: NOTE that rules for online submissions differ somewhat from those
for hardcopies. Be sure you follow the correct set of rules, or your manuscript may be disqualified.


Online Submissions: We strongly encourage using the NFSPS link at Submittable, an online
submissions manager, at . or you may submit by clicking the

image below). Using Submittable saves you and us time and money.


• If you are not a member of a state society listed on the bottom of the page at, you must submit as a non-member. Be sure your state
society dues are paid up before submitting.

• Simply submit the manuscript in a single document file from your computer into
the designated area.

• Submit as a Word or rich text document.

• Give your file the same name as your manuscript (or a shorter version of it). Do
not include your name, address, or any other information through which you might be
identified in the document or file name.

• Do not submit an acknowledgments page. If your manuscript wins, you will be asked to
submit it later.

• Do not include an information sheet as requested for hard-copies as part of your
manuscript. Submittable will track the information needed separately, to protect the
process of judging blindly.

• You will be notified that your manuscript has been received.

• The Submittable account is free, simple to set up, and instantly usable. If you currently
have a Submittable account, you may use it to enter the competition. If you do not have
an account, use the online sign-up. An increasing number of journals and other literary
venues accept submission only through Submittable. Mailed Submissions. If you are
unable to make an online submission, mail your manuscript.

Mailed Submissions. If you are unable to make an online submission, mail your


• Manuscript must be typewritten or computer generated.

• Enclose manuscript in a plain file folder and/or held by a manuscript clip; NO staples or


On the top of your manuscript, place a page with the title and your name, address,
phone number, and email address, plus the name of the state poetry society where you
are a member (if applicable). You will not be eligible for the reduced fee without society
membership information.

• Do NOT send by certified or registered mail. Do NOT send disks.

• Manuscripts will NOT be returned. Entrants who enclose a business-size, self-addressed,
stamped envelope, or provide an email address, will be notified of the results before April 30,  2018.

• The winner will automatically be notified

Mail submissions to:

Wilda Morris, Chair
NFSPS Stevens Poetry Manuscript Competition
499 Falcon Ridge Way
Bolingbrook IL 60440-2242

JUDGING: All manuscripts will be reviewed for compliance with guidelines and overall quality
by the competition chair. Approximately 100 manuscripts will be sent, without identification or
acknowledgments, to an independent judge, who will remain anonymous until the results are

PUBLICATION: The winning manuscript will be published by the NFSPS Press, and the book
will be available for sale at the NFSPS annual convention and elsewhere in June 2018.